Andrew’s Play of the Day: 1/13/20


Racing’s nightmare is now next door to your fearless scribe. I’m joking, but only partially.

Golden Gate Fields, located a half-hour away from the Champagne compound, has started taking Runhappy money, and it’s starting to sound similar to what’s happening at Santa Anita, where the video feed is, at times, completely unwatchable due to the over-the-top graphics and things those on air have to read.

This makes me wonder what the endgame is. Those in the breeding business know Runhappy is out there as a sire and standing at Claiborne. What money is there to be made from slapping his name on every track and major stakes race that exists in this country? It’s getting to where I’m convinced someone at Team Runhappy is exercising some sort of tax break by pumping tons of money in every possible direction.

Additionally, at some point the notoriously grumpy horse racing fanbase is going to revolt. When do we start hearing talks of big players betting tracks simply because their video feeds don’t feature non-stop sponsorship reads and provide a more pleasant viewing experience? Boycotts have been organized on far less in the past. Don’t rule this out.

SUNDAY’S RESULT: Like everyone else who had the Chiefs giving points, I was shellshocked when Houston jumped out to a big lead early. However, the Chiefs turned the tide and wound up covering the 9.5-point spread with room to spare.

MONDAY’S PLAY: Tonight’s my last chance to give out a college football play until August, so I’m taking full advantage of it. LSU locks up with Clemson for the national championship, and the representatives of the bayou look awfully tough to beat. They’re 5.5-point favorites, and I think they’re a better team than that, so I’ll take LSU to cover the spread.

Andrew’s Play of the Day: 1/2/20


For the first time since I joined it in 2013, I won my fantasy football league. With the trophy came a pretty nice chunk of change, and I wound up buying a new piece of furniture for my living room. Christened as “the couch Saquon Barkley built,” it should be arriving at my Northern California residence next weekend.

That I’m truly excited about all of this scares the bejesus out of me. Nobody ever warns you about the true perils of getting old. It’s not the physical infirmities or the mind tending to wander just a bit more. It’s feeling giddy over buying things in such a way that the 21-year-old version of yourself would scream bloody murder if he/she suddenly materialized.

WEDNESDAY’S RESULT: As a Michigan fan, it sickened me to bet against the Wolverines in the Citrus Bowl. However, Alabama proved to be too much and the Crimson Tide easily covered as 8.5-point favorites, which means I got off to a good start.

THURSDAY’S PLAY: I’ll stick with college football and focus on the Birmingham Bowl. Cincinnati’s only problem this year was an inability to beat Memphis, a good team that put up a fight against Penn State earlier this bowl season. Meanwhile, Boston College fired its coach after a 6-6 season, one where the Eagles went 3-5 in the team’s last eight games. I think Cincinnati wins comfortably, and I’ll take the Bearcats giving 7.5 points.

Andrew’s Play of the Day: 1/1/20


In 2019, I decided to try my hand at picking four NFL games every week on Twitter. I missed a few weekends for various reasons (some good, some bad), but ultimately I wound up 33-23 on the season for a success rate just shy of 59%. That doesn’t sound earth-shattering to some, but it’s enough for a flat-bet profit if you played all of my picks.

With that in mind, and also with the understanding that writers need to write, I’m debuting a new daily segment on my website. It’s modeled after Mighty Quinn’s long-running blurb in the New York Daily News, where he’d wax poetic on something and offer a sports play of the day. I’ll be tracking my results as I go, and hopefully I can keep the success of the NFL season going for a long, long time.

As always, reader input is welcome and appreciated. Tweet me at @AndrewChampagne or get in touch by utilizing the “contact” function on the site. I see everything that comes in, and I respond to most of it.

WEDNESDAY’S PLAY: I’m a Michigan fan, and I’m fully expecting the Wolverines to get rolled by Alabama in today’s Citrus Bowl. They simply don’t match up, and I’m gobsmacked that the point spread is single-digits. Alabama is an 8.5-point favorite, and I’m taking the Crimson Tide to cover.