Andrew’s Play of the Day: 1/8/20


I’m a proud graduate of Ithaca College, having earned my degree from there in 2010. In my time there, I got to meet some really cool people, from fellow students who became some of my best friends to professors who are some of the most knowledgeable, giving people I’ve ever met (I still talk to several of them regularly).

One of my classmates was a woman named Samantha Matt. She was a fellow TV/Radio major, and she’s since turned to the writing world. She’s got a new book out titled, “Average is the New Awesome,” and the excerpt that’s available online knocked me on my rear end.

Go read the excerpt, and then spend $17 to buy the book, especially if you’re in our age group and have ever felt some degree of apprehension about the choices you’ve made and the way you’ve lived your life. Chances are you’re doing just fine, even if you think otherwise.

Sam, you did a really nice job. From one Bomber to another, well done!

MONDAY’S RESULT: I said I wouldn’t be surprised if Virginia Tech, a 4.5-point underdog at Syracuse, won outright. That’s what happened, and while I’m able to notch another winner, I can’t help but feel like I should’ve given out the money line instead.

TUESDAY’S PLAY: For the first time in this exercise, I had a little bit of trouble landing on a game. If I could pass, I would, but I won’t resort to that as a cop-out. Instead, I’ll ride my hot streak into Connecticut, where the UConn Huskies host Tulane as 11-point favorites. UConn certainly deserves to be favored, but that spread hits me as several points too large. Like the Huskies, the Green Wave boasts a 9-5 record, and Tulane has averaged 77 points per game over their last three, so they won’t be intimidated if this turns into a shootout. UConn likely wins, but I’ll take Tulane getting 11 points, because I think this will be a pretty close game.

One comment

  1. Joseph Carbone · January 8, 2020

    Should have started with you sooner. VTech nice pick.
    Joe Carbone


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