Saratoga’s Coming, And So’s Lots of Content!

We’re a week away from the start of the summer meet at Saratoga Race Course. There’s a lot to be excited about, especially from my standpoint (since I was born and raised in upstate New York).

I’ve been lucky enough to continue working for The Saratogian in a freelance capacity since moving to California in late-2013, and I’m proud to announce that I’ll be back in The Pink Sheet once again this year. I’ll be part of the pick box on the front page, where I was the leading handicapper in 2015 and second-leading handicapper a year ago (Liam Durbin, I’m coming for you!).

Additionally, I’ll provide more extensive race-by-race analysis centering around my top three selections, as well as a running bankroll section, where I’ll start the meet with $1,000 and look to grow it over 40 days (or at least not lose my shirt before the meet ends!). My bankroll section also features space for short blurbs of writing, and we had some gems last year. Those get more fun, though, when I’m using that space to address questions and comments from readers. Tweet me (, if you’re not already following), and if your question or comment is good, you may see a response in print!

There’s even more excitement on my end, though, and that’s because of what I’m about to tell you. In addition to being available in The Pink Sheet, all of my content will also be available right here on prior to each and every racing day. I work a day in advance so as to mitigate the three-hour time difference, so my analysis will usually be online 24-48 hours before a card’s first post time. There’s going to be a lot of content to digest, and I really hope you enjoy reading it.

As always, I extend my warmest regards to those at The Saratogian, namely managing editor Charlie Kraebel, sports editor David Johnson, and the entire sports staff, which works tirelessly to create two different publications during a very busy time of the year. It’s not easy to do what they do, especially in trying times for newspapers, but the staff does a tremendous job, and I’m proud to continue my work for them.

Let’s make some money this summer, everyone!

One comment

  1. Hugh (Stu) Spoljaric · July 17, 2017

    Andrew– good to see your success and to follow you at Saratoga. As a former thoroughbred owner, Saratoga was the place to race where everyone wants to win! And, as a sports reporter, I always appreciated my NYRA Saratoga press credentials.
    WKNY, like newspapers, continues to provide consistent, dependable programming.
    Best wishes for the meet. Stu Spoljaric (Chris Scott-WKNY).


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